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Selenium Training

Selenium Software Testing is the new Regime. Learn it to expand your career options.

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Selenium Training

Selenium training for graduates and professionals by Sainora Infotech teaches you everything you need to know about Selenium. We offer the best Selenium Training in Chennai with real-time, job-oriented training. We impart knowledge which is both accurate and relevant to all candidates, accompanied by practical training. Our trainers have expertized in software testing field and are also working professionals with real-time experience and exposure in Selenium. They believe in maintaining quality coaching and delivering positive guidance. Undergo our Selenium training to gain career growth.

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Key Features

Live Project Training
100% Job Oriented Training
Industry Expert Faculty
Customized Selenium Syllabus
One-On-One Coaching
Best Fees Structure and Packages
Doubt Clear Sessions
Free Demo Classes
Completed 500+ Batches
Placement Assistance
Certified Faculty with hands-on experience

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About Selenium Course


Selenium course has been undergoing major growth and will continue to do so. A Certified Course in Selenium is what every major IT company is after. Sainora's Selenium course will enable you to understand and do Software Testing effortlessly through the practical sessions, constant practice, theoretical knowledge, and our exclusive and unbeatable materials. This course is intended for software testing professionals who would like to learn and gain expertise in Selenium.

In-depth Learning Of Selenium Course From Sainora Infotech

Sainora offers you the best Selenium training in Chennai. At Sainora, you will gain adequate knowledge and experiences on the following:

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver 2.0 and 3.0
  • Selenium Components
  • Java programming concepts
  • OOPS concepts
  • Developing Test Cases & Test Suites
  • Various types and tools for developing Test Framework These are only a fraction of what you will learn at Sainora. You will learn to become a pro in Selenium Testing Tool by the end of the course period.

Why Choose Sainora Infotech?

Sainora trains each and every individual to become an expert in Software Testing. You can easily gain the most sought-after skill and career growth by doing the course at Sainora. You are entitled to learn all about Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Cucumber, Java concepts, Design Patterns, Frameworks, Jenkins, Github and more when you enroll for Sainora’s Selenium training in Chennai. Practical sessions at Sainora will give you enough exposure to work in an IT sector like a pro. Theoretical knowledge that Sainora imparts will give a very strong and sound foundation.

What To Expect?

  • In-depth understanding of Selenium and its various concepts
  • Job-oriented training
  • Given a platform to interact with Industry experts
  • A professional approach to the course
  • A well-designed Selenium Course syllabus that keeps up with the current trends in the field.
  • Trainers with good teaching record
  • A practical approach and interactive sessions
  • Sainora lets you gain sufficient exposure in the field through several projects and case studies
  • You will gain both the Selenium training and placement in Chennai
  • Exclusive and rare textual materials

Why Should You Do A Selenium Course?

  • Selenium is a highly popular portable software-testing tool available for free of cost and is used by most of the major software industries. This, in turn, creates a demand for a good software testing professional who can work with Selenium.
  • Selenium is an easy-to-use, flexible software testing tool. Hence, easy to learn.
  • Sainora’s Selenium Training in Chennai will equip you to test software using any of the required languages like Java, Perl, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby and Dot Net.
  • Do our Selenium Training in Chennai to widen your knowledge and to gain a career growth.
  • Selenium professionals will have many benefits such as Career growth, better salary, better job opportunities
  • It is important that you get the right Selenium Training to meet the standards and expectations of your employers. And Sainora is one of the best to offer Selenium training in Chennai.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an Open source framework that is used for test automation. It is licensed under Apache License 2.0. It is a unique set of tools that helps in automating browsers, mobile, and web-based applications. Selenium is the detector tool for both PC browser and mobile browser automation and is considered as a web standard supported by all major browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Moreover, it helps the professional to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with the predicted outcome.

Jobs You Will Land In After Doing The Selenium Course

  • Software Tester
  • QA Analyst
  • QA Team Coordinator
  • Test Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Stability Managers
  • Automation Engineers
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Test Engineers
  • SCM Analyst
  • IS Auditor
  • IS Manager and more...

The Future Of Selenium

As the Testing industry is becoming completely automated and most of the major companies are looking for Selenium software testers, there is a growing demand in the field. There are abundant opportunities in selenium testing for skilled and trained professionals. As various studies have proved, this phenomenon will continue to expand. Selenium has the support of some of the biggest browser merchants who are taking various steps to make Selenium a fundamental part of their browser. This again improves the career opportunities. It is also the core technology in several other browser automation devices, APIs and frameworks. With the advent of model-based testing, testers are also expected to have great business openings. The trend of test automation is increasingly changing, and selenium is making way for more functional and fundamental testing.

Opportunities for this evolving field is constantly widening. Trained testing professionals are needed at various sectors like banking, insurance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, and supply chain management.

Who Can Attend Our Selenium Training in Chennai?

Professionals from IT and Non-IT fields can attend the training although it is advisable for you to have prior knowledge on any of the programming languages.

Get Placement by Sainora

Sainora has a good placement cell committed to assisting our candidates. At the successful completion of the course, we will help you to get placed in top IT firms. Begin a new chapter of your life by undergoing Sainora’s Selenium training in Chennai.

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