C Programming Training Course

C Programming Training Course

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C Programming Training

C is a high level and general purpose programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie. Like most of the other procedural language, C has the particular feature of structured programming, and it allows variable scope and recursion. C programming helps to enable mapping of constructs to machine instruction through requiring very minimal run-time support. So it is widely used for developing computer programs.

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Key Features

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About C Programming Course

C Programming Training Course

C is one of the important programming language. It's having a broad range of features desired by the programmers. It is commonly used for computer programming such as embedded system applications, a variety of different applications and implementing operating systems. With C language, the programmers can read and write code for multiple platforms, from microcontrollers to highly complex scientific systems. This proven, flexible and robust programming language gives maximum control and efficiency to the programmers.

We are one of the best C programming training institutes in Chennai. This training course will offer a broad range of modules that allows you learn C at the most cut-price. We provide practical classes with live projects. And it lets you have a diplomatic deal which highlights your skills in an efficient way.

Our C Language training provides complete hands-on training, and it makes the candidates learn and strengthen the ideas deeper. Students will get expertise in C programming language and can write user-friendly programs with the systematic and flexible way.

Course Objective:

  • Provide knowledge on the requirement and importance of ‘C’ language and problem-solving methodologies.
  • Train programming skills with a complete understanding and the fundamentals of C Language.
  • Give comprehensive knowledge about arrays, strings, functions, structures, and pointers.
  • Help understand the implementation of memory management concepts.
  • Examine the complications in file organization and the implementation of file systems.

Why learn C Programming?

It has many features, and become a skilled language for various causes, such as:

  • Ease of learning
  • Methodical language
  • It produces dynamic program

C programming was basically used for its system development work to make up an operating system (OS) because it works as fast as it's written in assembly language. One of the main reasons for learning C language is there is a lot of source code available. It means you have more to learn from and more to use. Some further concepts to learn in C language classes are for its Assemblers, Databases, Operating system, Print Spoolers, and Text Editors, etc.

Who should attend C Programming Training?

This C programming training is for programmers who got knowledge in any programming language or engaged in a C programming project, and consumer help beginners who require knowing C.

  • Freshers – if you haven't coded earlier, you can acquire C step by step.
  • Programmers turn from some other language such as Java, Ruby or Python to C language.
  • Cross-platform developers – C compilers are available for all the important operating systems.
  • Anyone who wants to learn programming, the C language is the best place to begin.

C Programming Course Syllabus

01. Introduction to c programming language
  • Feautures of Progrmming Language
  • Uses of C Language
  • Applications in C
02. Programming in C
  • Preprocessor Directives
  • Rules for Declaring an Varriable
  • Structuere of C Programming
  • Compiling a Program
  • Process of Compiling
03. Datatypes & Operators
  • What is Datatype?
  • Types of Data types
  • Rules for Declaring an Data type
  • Data types Specification
  • Format Specifier
  • Operators
  • Types of Operators
04. Conditional Statements
  • Syntax for Conditional Statements
  • If Statements
  • If Else
  • Else if Statements
  • Nested if
  • Switch Statements
05. Looping & branching
  • Looping
  • Types of Loops
  • Syntax for Loops
  • For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do while Loop
06. Arrays
  • What is Array
  • Types of Array
  • Syntax for Array
  • Rules for Declaring an Array
  • One Dimensional Array
  • Two Dimensional Array
07. Functions
  • What is Functions
  • Uses of Function
  • Feautures of Function
  • Syntax for Function
  • Main() Function Uses
  • Rules to Declare a function
  • Call by Value
  • Call by Refernce
08. Pointers
  • What is Pointer
  • Usage of Pointer
  • Syntax for Pointer
  • Rules for Declaring an Pointer
  • Programs using Pointer
09. Storage Classes
  • What is Storage Class?
  • Types of Storage Classes
  • Uses of storage Classes
  • Auto Storage Classes
  • Static Storage Classes
  • Extern Storage Classes
  • Register Storage Classes
10. Structures & Unions
  • What is Structure?
  • What is Union?
  • Uses of Structures
  • Uses of Union
  • Rules for Declaring Structure and Union
  • Syntax for Structure & Union
  • Programs using Structure & Union
  • Difference between Structure and Union
11. File Handling
  • Overview of Files
  • Operation to be done in Files
  • Reading a Files Using C
  • Writing a Files Using C
  • Syntax for File Handling Features
12. Linked list [Data Structures]
  • What is Data Structure?
  • Types of Linked List?
  • Single and Double Linked List

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